15 years of silence

“Somehow, it happened that normal life was never meaningful for me. Let the normal people live their normal life. At the age of 12, I realized that I’m not a normal person. I differ. I’m abnormal, but in a good meaning. Exist deranged people who really can’t live in this society, and so abnormal people who are better than normal. For some reason it seemed to me that I am better than ordinary people. Now I’m not talking about myself as well. “Walking in the same clothes, get an equally haircut, It’s enough without me. Then I discovered appropriate meaning: when I was a child it called “non-mainstreamer”. I grew older, and found the word “non-conformist.” Well, why not? There was always such a category of people. Our society is separate, and we are not there, we live our own lives. Myself feels so much easier by my own. I meet people with whom we can find a common language, we understand each other, and I don’t need friendship with everyone. I don’t bother people, and they don’t disturb me. Each of us should do his own thing.”